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ArtHome property lettings

Why rent with us?

Rent with us

Whether you have one buy-to-let property, or a large rental portfolio, we are confident that our services will not disappoint.

The market for renting and buying properties has been changing in the last years but with the help of our expert consultants getting the highest profits and the best results on your real estate investment will be achieved.

We have an excellent reputation attracting high quality local and international tenants, and as a team, we are dedicated to helping you prevent any rental voids whilst ensuring you receive the very best yield for your investment properties.

Our focus is to always provide exceptional service and to deliver results beyond expectations to our customers. With over 10 years’ experience in property on local and international markets, we will work with you to ensure that you secure the very best rental price for your property.

Why ArtHome?

Why ArtHome?

We secure the very best rental price for your property

The professionalism of our agents gives you the chance to rent out your home at the best possible price, in the shortest possible time. We stage your property and prepare it for renting out, then advertise it tailored to the everchanging market situation.

Active relationship with tenants

We are the first to be notified if any of our tenants decide to move apartments, due to our management services we are the first line of contact. As they trust our work they ask our advice as well if any of their friends look for apartments to rent.

Cooperating with coordinators

Due to our marketing strategy and being present on the market for a long time most of the tenant enquiries reach us. We have a good relationship with both student coordinators and training organizers so we are aware of newcomers to the city at early stages.

If you wish to rent a property out all you need to do is contact us and we take it from there. We find your dream tenant, draw up the contract, and fully manage your property throughout the rental period including collecting rent, keeping contact with the tenant, regular check of the apartment, arranging bills payment for utilities.

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What kind of properties we take on?

Most of the properties we offer are refurbished, remodeled, transformed to adjust to the renters’ needs.

We prepare the apartment for listing, stage it, make professional photo material, we advertise it in English and Hungarian and look for potential tenants.

Professional marketing

Your rental properties will benefit from superior marketing on our website, social media presence along with exposure on the major property websites. The marketing process will be tailored to your properties’ needs and focused on the target group.

We also constantly update our partners and potential tenant groups of our new listings.

We also invest in our own image marketing strategies to attract tenants with not yet a clear idea of what to look for and asking our general advice in the rental process.

What happens after finding the right tenant?

We draw up a bilingual, thorough rental contract, communicating with the parties on contractual terms. In the case of long term rental our contracts are normally for a one year period but with a minimum of 6 months unless otherwise agreed with you.

What happens after signing the tenancy agreement?

Our range of services include long and short-term lets, comprehensive property management for complete peace of mind, property maintenance packages and tenancy renewals.

Property management

This popular service is ideal for those who find it difficult or doesn’t want to deal with the issues of renting out their property. We do all the job for you so you only have to deal with a professional member of our team, who is specialized on property management.

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What services are included?

  • After signing the rental contract we help the tenants to settle in the apartment and to deal with the legal process of moving to Hungary (eg: immigration office).
  • We read the meters when moving in and keep an up-to-date file on their usage throughout the renting period. We either announce the meter readings to the landlord or directly to the service provider.
  • We check on the tenants every month giving feedback to the landlord on the state of the apartment. We also deal with emergency issues in case something breaks in the apartment (eg: heating system problems etc). We announce the problem to the landlord and discuss further steps (arranging repairs if needed).
  • We collect rental fee and utility fees from tenants and hand it to the landlord or cash in their bank account.

Any special enquiries are to be discussed and agreed on between the landlord and the agent dealing with the apartment. We are happy to tailor the service to your needs.